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Understanding Your Anxiety Instead of Fearing It

Does your anxiety feel like a tornado of intensive overwhelm? You can’t see your way through it and are just waiting for it to pass. After your anxiety has subsided, are you wondering what has happened and are fearfully anticipating when it will arise again. Living in this fear and confusion can be paralyzing to your life. Some of us have lived with this, just accepting it. “I’m just an anxious person.” “This how it has always been.” “ I don’t have any control over it.”

Anxiety is an emotion and a physiological response to fear NOT a personality type!

But there is another way to handle your anxiety than just putting up with it. When you learn to understand your anxiety, it starts to take away from the fear of its expereince, giving you more control to manage it when it arises.

Again, anxiety is an emotion; it’s part of life. It’s not just going to go away, but it needs your help to cope! You are capable and deserve to have peace for yourself.

Here are some ways to begin to understand your anxiety:
  • Anxiety is a protective factor: it alerts your body to act.
  • The protective action is not accurate all the time; it needs your help to know the difference.
  • Anxiety reacts by overacting (hyper, impulsive choices, lashing out) or avoiding ( withdrawing, overworking, passivity)
  • Anxiety lives in the past and the future, robbing you of the present.
  • Caring for your anxiety restores your past and prepares you for the future.
Understanding your anxiety will start to take the sting away from experiencing it. The more you can learn and help cope, the more you’ll feel in control and confident. This is possible for you. If you want to learn more about coping with anxiety, check out my course, Choas to Confidence If you would like to receive counseling for your anxiety, please reach out by clicking the contact button.