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Enneagram Informed Therapy

Have you ever wondered why and do what you do? Or even felt stuck in the same negative thoughts, behaviors, or emotional patterns. Like it has happened repeatedly without any changes, have these things also caused you pain, confusion, and conflict, and you’re at a loss for how to remedy them?  

What if you could gain insight into the patterns of your thoughts, behaviors, and emotions?

What if you could grow in understanding of yourself instead of being stuck and confused?

What if there can be healing in those places of pain in your life?

Well, the Enngram can help support those questions you have had.

What is the ENNAGRAM?

The Enneagram is a tool designed to help support personal growth and self-understanding and is an additional helpful guide in the healing process of counseling. It looks at your personality as a whole with nine different types, one specifically yours, formed on how you internally and externally relate to the world.

It looks at the “why” behind your thinking, feeling, and behavioral patterns, which relate to your everyday life and relationships. The Enneagram identifies your core fears and desires in a clear and relatable matter. It also highlights how you function under stress and in health, which brings a warning sign for harm and an opportunity for growth.

The Enneagram is a powerful tool that helps bring clarity to your life, transform how you see yourself and relate to those in your life, and even deepen your faith, which can bring more fulfillment and enjoyment. 

The fantastic part is you don’t have to do this alone. I’m confident and skilled in applying the Enneagram to the counseling process, helping you better understand yourself and bring healing to the hurting parts of your life.

What to expect from Enneagram Informed Therapy:

  • Enneagram assessment
  • Acceptance for your type, not judged or criticized, but celebrated 
  • Being seen and understood for who you are, not “pigeon-holed” by your type
  • Unpack your core motivations and how they have been part of your life
  • Healing wounds in association with your childhood message  
  • Learn your levels of alignment when functioning in healthy or unhealthy patterns