Offering in-office and online sessions.

Helping you find your freedom

You have been overwhelmed by life. Your anxiousness has seemed to be hijacking your day. You can't seem to find yourself or your way in life. It’s interfering in connection with relationships, performance at work, and how you have been treating yourself.

These thoughts have been racing in your mind;

• "Will I ever feel better?"
• "Why won’t these thoughts just stop? "
• “Will I ever be enough?
• "What will people think?"
• "What if I don't succeed?"

These thoughts lead you to a spiral of emotions of insecurity, even more anxiety, and hopelessness. You deserve to find healing, confidence, and better connect in your life. You can overcome it!

If you don't address this your relationships will suffer, your performance will crumble, and your hope will fade. You will continue to feel utterly out-of-control in your life.

You can see things getting ultimately worse, but what if you saw yourself getting support and feeling better?

This is your place for hope and healing.

I know your pain is real and you are concerned if you can cope. I am devoted to partner with you in your struggle and am confident in helping you find your healing, confidence, and connection. I can help you in overcoming your pain and finding freedom.

I know that reaching out for help is hard for you. I am confident in helping support you through this process.

I'm glad you want help to heal. Today is the start of finding your hope.

Let's get started!

Tina M. Salvatierra, L.C.S.W.

I’m so glad you are here. You have faced a lot, and you are ready to find some relief. You still might have some uncertainty but know you have already taken a step forward by just being here. Know that I find helping you with great purpose and honor. I’m not overwhelmed or uneasy about what you are experiencing. I have much faith and hope in helping you heal. I’m confident and versatile in my skills in helping you heal. I am known as being practical, compassionate, and even a bit witty. I’m ready to help start you on this healing journey.

Now, let’s take that next step together.