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Anxiety Counseling

Does it seem like almost daily you are struggling with anxiety or nagging worries? You have difficulty thinking clearly. Your thoughts are racing, and you can't seem to get them to stop. Your body is tense, and it's hard to even breathe at times. Your anxiety is now interfering with your relationships, causing more stress and strain. You question and doubt your choices, abilities, and overall even yourself. It seems that no one understands this struggle and that you should be able to stop your anxiety, but you don't know-how. You feel alone, disconnected,  and doubtful.

"What if's" seems to flood your mind. You envision situations happening horribly, playing over as if it's a movie on instant replay. One bad thing happens in your day, and it makes everything and everyone in life seem horrible "What if I disappoint others?" "What if I make the wrong choice." "If I knew what the outcome would be, I would be okay." These thoughts seem to rule your mind and disrupt your day.

          The anxiety you are feeling is real. It's time to learn how to manage it.

I'm confident in helping you by understanding your anxiety instead of fearing it and learning how to cope when pressure comes on. I will work with you in finding techniques that best support you that are practical and help bring calm, clarity, and confidence. 

What a session will look like:

  • Learning how to calm your anxious body
  • Understanding your anxiety instead of fearing it
  • Learning your underline needs and root causes relating to anxiety
  • Assessing your thought process that increases anxiety
  • Developing healthy thoughts that produce peace and confidence
  • Creating healthy images in your mind instead of horrific ones

You will be able to feel in more control of your thoughts and body. Confident in your self and with others.

Your anxiety is real. You can learn to cope and feel confident. Reach out today!