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Individual Counseling

You have put this off long enough. You have been going back and forth about the idea of going to counseling for some time. You have realized that things for you are not getting better. You have gone from denying your pain to over analyzing it. You have seen that there has been no resolution with your struggle. Have you ever been told it would be helpful for you to talk to someone? You are feeling confused, alone, and anxious.

You have said to yourself: "Is it not that bad?" "What will others think if  I start counseling?" "How will it help me?" "Can I trust someone I don't know?" You are concerned about what will happen if this all doesn't stop. What will even be left of me, my relationships, and my career? It is your time to find your healing and help.

I am confident in helping you through this journey.  I will support you by giving you a safe place to be yourself with the pain you are experiencing. A place where you can be felt and understood. I will take the time to get to know you and your story.  I will work with you in finding practical skills that will help calm you're overwhelmed. I will support you through your healing by unpacking past memories and negative beliefs about yourself that have caused you pain to find freedom and confidence. I'm ready to start this journey with you!

You are ready too!

What to expect from counseling:

  • To be listened to, heard, and felt.
  • Feel safe with your vulnerability.
  • Given a "birds-eye view" relating to your situation.
  • Learn to understand yourself,  your emotions, and your thoughts.
  • Cope with overwhelming or numbing emotions and negative thoughts.
  • To be compassionately challenged to further growth.
  • To have consistent, compassionate support.

Now is your time to find your healing and help. You deserve to have freedom and confidence. Reach out today!