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Grief & Loss Counseling

You feel like a tidal wave has hit you. Moments of intense emotions overwhelm you. Life isn't the same anymore; you are confused about navigating your life, even your day further. The thought of your loss can even bring you to panic, feeling scarred and depleted. At other times, you find yourself withdrawing from life because your loss is too much to bear. Your family and friends have tried to help, but all you seem to hear is cliche sayings that don't seem to support.      

Have you been told: "They are in a better place; you should be happy." "This happened for a reason" "More opportunities will come your way."

Have you been thinking: " I can't live without my loved one" " Life doesn't have meaning anymore." "I can't move on."

You have then felt more confused and alone, wondering how you will ever survive this loss?

What you have experienced is devastating, but I genuinely believe it is not the end of you.  I will walk with you during this time of grief, allowing you the space you need to grieve. Grief happens by many things in life: loss of a loved one, a trauma, an illness, or a career loss. It is not something to be solved or fixed. Even thou very painful, loss and grief are a natural part of life, which needs to be lived through, not just to be "gotten over."  I will provide you a sincere place, so you can freely be yourself with your loss, be heard, and find comfort.

What a session will look like:

  • Allowing you space to talk about your loss
  • How to live out your grief
  • How to care for yourself as you grieve
  • Understanding and coping with your emotions
  • Transforming your thoughts to bring mental support
  • How to make a significant remembrance
  • Learning how to rebuild your life after your loss

You don't need to be alone in your grief. You can receive care and comfort. Reach out today!