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Tina M Salvatierra (Caputo) MSW, LCSW, EMDR

Masters in Social Work and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the State of Colorado

You are exhausted and feel worn out by your overwhelm in life. You see that you can’t figure this out alone with your consistent struggle of anxiety and stress. You are ready for support, to be heard, to find a way through your emotions and endless nagging thoughts.

I became a therapist because I don’t want you to go through this alone. You have questioned yourself and have maybe even thought this is “crazy.” Will anyone understand me? My desire to help is because you deserve to be heard and know that you are not crazy. I see the reality of anxiety debilitating your day. Questioning every interaction, stopping you from doing what you desire in ease and excitement, but instead, you’re experiencing dread and doubt. I became a therapist because I found things that really help! Practical, everyday things. This help is not only to stop your anxiety but also to help you understand yourself better and find more fullness in your life--this is an everlasting gift!

You don’t have to do this alone. You don’t have to continue in the overwhelm of life, disconnected from your relationships, and lacking confidence in yourself. What you are experiencing is real, and it is hard. I’m honored and able to help you find your way through the overwhelmed. What you are experiencing is my normal; your overwhelmed doesn’t overwhelm me. I know how to help you cope. (see education below)

Clients come to counseling, asking: “Why won’t my worry, stop?” “Why do I care so much of what others think?” “How do I control my overwhelming emotions? “Why do things seem so confusing or hard now?”


Here is how I help

  • Creating a safe and understanding environment for you to be heard and felt.
  • Allowing you to understand your own thoughts and emotions by noticing and identifying them.
  • Developing coping through deep breathing, body awareness, and visualization.
  • Learning how to gain self understanding instead of being self critical. 
  • Learning how to set boundaries for yourself and your relationships.
  • Process difficult memories or beliefs about yourself. 

You are able to heal. You are able to find confidence. You are able to cope. Reach you today!

A Little Bit More About Me

I'm known to be warm, easy-going, passionate, and a person of depth. And if you make me laugh really hard, I will probably snort-lol! I have taken a lot of care and investment in my work and love the work I get the pleasure to do. I believe I get my hard-work ethic from my parents and grandparents, who have sacrificed so much to have a better life. And because of this, I chose from a place of gratitude to do the same. Being a child from an Italian/Ukraine background and having grandparents who were World War II refugees taught me to see a bigger world and appreciate our differences. It has also taught me compassion for others and gave me a passion for history, culture, and put an explorer spirit in my soul. Like yourself, I have struggled with great fears and anxiety. From performance and test anxiety to social fears, to devastating disappointments in life, to battles with continual health issues, and with all this just trying to figure out who I am in this world and care for myself through the process. All of this has required me to dig deep into myself and faith to find what works to calm my anxiety, and the result has been a resiliency and courage to never give up despite my fears. So, along with my education, I bundle this all up to give you sincere experienced help and healing, so you can face your fears to find your freedom in life.

When I’m not counseling, you can find me whipping up a batch of my in-laws’ famous guacamole while spontaneously dancing with my husband in the kitchen, blazing the trails with some of my best girls, playing with my German Shepherd, or cozying up with a book.

Education and Training

Bachelors of Social Work: Oral Roberts University Tulsa, OK

Masters of Social Work: the University of Illinois at Chicago, with an emphasis in child and family studies

Licensed Clinical Social Worker: the State of Colorado since 2010 (CSW.00001771)

EMDR Basic Training (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), The EMDR Institute 2010

Certified Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional (CCATP)

Innovative Practices from Bodymind Health, John Hartung

Prepare-Enrich Marriage/Pre-Marriage Certified Therapist

Love and Logic Facilitator, Love and Logic Institute

Making Parenting a Pleasure Facilitator, Colorado Parenting Matters

Healing Journey series, Class Facilitator/Small Group Leader Cyndy Sherwood’s His Healing Light Ministries

Formational Prayer, attended Dr. Terry Wardle’s Formational Prayer Seminar, Healing Care Ministries

Splankna Practitioner-Level 1, Splankna Therapy Institute