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Parenting Support

You are feeling tired and worn out in knowing how to support your child. You have felt that everything you have tried so far has not been working. It is to the point that you are questioning yourself as a parent. You are not feeling like yourself and wondering why you have been so reactive.

You have asked yourself: " How did I become so reactive, so quickly?"  " Why can't I calm down my child" "Will it always be this hard?" "Will this be our forever relationship?"

You are feeling guilty, depressed, and disconnected. Wondering how long you will be able to take this struggle.

What you have been experiencing has been hard for you. I'm confident in helping you by listening to what you have experienced as a parent. No parent judging or shaming here. I'll support you by finding ways to help you feel connected to yourself and calm again. Together we will also look at practical parenting skills that will help you connect and comfort your child. You will then be empowered to know your boundaries and limitations while being a loving and nurturing parent.

What parenting support looks like in a counseling session:

  • Identify your triggers in parenting and learn how to cope.
  • Learn how to respond instead of reacting to disruptive behaviors.
  • Develop strategies to support your child's challenging behavior.
  • How to better connect and bond with your child
  • How to set boundaries for yourself and your child

There is hope. You can find your calm and connection with your child. Start today.